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What is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)? Sodium Bicarbonate also known as sodium hydrogen carbonate is a chemical compound white in color and its aqueous solution is clear and colorless. (chemical formula NaHCO₃).

The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs. It is among the European Union-encoded food additives, identified as E 500.

Industrial Usages

Used throughout Industry, sodium bicarbonate buffers neutralizes, provides a source of CO2, and acts as a catalyst in multiple processes.
Fire extinguishers use sodium bicarbonate to smother the flames. Dry chemical extinguishers often contain a fine grade of sodium bicarbonate.
The sodium bicarbonate decomposes at high temperatures and releases carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide, in turn, reduces the oxygen supply available to the fire, eliminating it. There are several industrial usages for this product.

Variety of Products

With its natural pH neutralizing effects, sodium bicarbonate serves a variety of purposes:
• Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is used in baking powder, bakery-confectionary (cake, donut, pancake and cookie additives) and beverages.
• Medicinal Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is used in toothpaste as whitening property.
• Industrial Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is used in cleaners, powder fire extinguishers, leather industry, paper industry, textile industry, waste gas desulphurization and waste water treatment.
• Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is mostly used in poultry raising.

Sodium Bicarbonate Packing Solutions

• 25kg in polyethylene (PE) FFS bags for industrial use.
As we manage packing facilities flexibly, packing could be in various sizes and capacities based on customers’ interest.

Export Terms

Since we manage exports to various destinations worldwide, we offer all terms of export to our customers based on their desire mostly including FCA, CFR, CIF, CIP, DDP.


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