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Egg powder is a fully dehydrated egg, also called powdered egg. Egg powder is made using spray drying in the same way that powdered milk is made. The major advantages of egg powder over fresh eggs are the reduced weight per volume of whole egg equivalent and the shelf life. In addition, using egg powder allows medium and large industrial businesses to reduce production time and labor costs. Other advantages include smaller usage of storage space and lack of need for refrigeration. Powdered eggs can be used without rehydration when baking, and can be rehydrated to make dishes such as scrambled eggs.

Industrial Usages

In the food industry, bakery and confectionery are the major segments that account for a higher demand, followed by meat products and sauces & dressings. Currently, the demand for egg powder is also rising among personal care products, cosmetics, animal feed, and pet food products.

Egg powder is experiencing an increase in its use, especially in the bakery industry. Eggs are one of the important ingredients in most bakery products and are used extensively across the globe. Bakers prefer to use egg powder instead of whole eggs, owing to multiple reasons such as longer shelf life, decrease in costs and production time, etc.

Variety of Egg Powders

We manufacture both pure and formulated products. We specially offer formulated products based on your products and requirements, containing additives you order such as glucose, starch, milk powder, etc.
1. Whole Egg Powder: Like whole eggs, whole egg powder also has the functions of foaming, gelling, and emulsifying. This is especially useful in industrial bakeries. A large range of cakes, biscuits, pasta, and noodles can be made with whole egg powder.
2. Egg White Powder (Albumen Powder): White egg powders are usually used to stabilize foams. They can also be used to give texture to baked goods and act as a dough strengthener. Egg with powder is mostly applied in baked products including Cakes, Meringues, Sponges, Desserts, Gluten-Free Bread, and Muffins.
3. Egg Yolk Powder: Use in recipes requiring emulsification properties of egg yolk. It can be used in mayonnaise, ice cream, hollandaise sauce, and custards. It can also be used as a thickening in sweet or savory sauces.

Egg Powder Packaging Solutions

• 10kg, 20kg, and 25kg in 2 layer PE food grade bags suitable for industrial users.
• 10 kg carton boxes suitable for industrial users and kitchen cooking.
As we manage packing facilities flexibly, packing could be in various sizes and capacities based on customers’ interest.

Export Terms

Since we manage exports to various destinations worldwide, we offer all terms of export to our customers based on their desire mostly including FCA, CFR, CIF, CIP, DDP.


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