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Industry Dominance

The more knowledgeable the company is, the higher position it has. Having experienced and worked in the food industry for more than 15 years has enabled us to have a thorough insight into local industry and market. This leads to dominance in the food ingredients industry.

Raw Materials Purchase

First key phase in manufacturing is selecting raw materials. Our purchase team carefully compiles the best raw materials as we believe our business is strictly related to raw materials. Our customers are always assured of high-quality products due to our carefully compiled raw materials at the first step.

Modern Factories (Contract Manufacturers)

benefiting the state-of-art manufacturing plants, Green Commodity supplies and exports a variety of food ingredients safely and sustainably. Production is always done in accordance with most up to dated methods and high standards.

Cost Leadership

Our customers always benefit from lower and competitive prices that we offer since we manufacture in an economy with lower costs and still professional facilities. The competitive prices always enable our customers to extend their market share and have more sustainable business.

Operating Professionals

Our team of professionals, including the purchasing department, logistics group, quality control team, production department, marketing always intend to work based on the company’s values. We have gathered a team to help the global food industry. Everyone in Green Commodity has the responsibility of taking one toward supplying high-quality food ingredients to the food industry in order to nourish the people worldwide.

Customer Care

Customers are always right! This is what we deeply believe. Therefore, customers’ desires are always fulfilled by Green Commodity. As we share our business with you, we try to help you secure your business in markets by offering both high-quality products and competitive prices.