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Based on over 15 years of experience as an exporter, moreover, benefiting the state-of-art manufacturing plants, Green Commodity supplies, and exports a variety of instant whey powders safely and sustainably. manufacturing under the surveillance of its experts has enabled Green Commodity to guarantee safer foods worldwide.

Food and beverage manufacturers work in an increasingly complicated, ever-changing environment. Our expertise in supplying high-quality ingredients gives you an edge in making products that satisfy consumers around the world.

To stay competitive in today’s foodservice industry, you need a partner who understands the challenges of running a profitable business – as well as the constantly changing tastes of your customer. We help foodservice companies thrive by collaborating to guarantee high-quality finished products, develop new products, build better supply chains and elevate the quality of life for their consumers.

Our Values:

Food Security

As a private sector, we know we have a role to play in global food security. Food security is a priority – and a challenge – for people in low-income and high-income countries alike. Green Commodity contributes to food security globally by providing consumers with nutritious food for healthier lives.

Food Safety

Strict industry standards play a critical role in our foundational safety programs and practices. People’s well-being and health are our priority.

Export Orientation

Having almost 20 years of experience in international markets, it has become a culture to respect and realize foreign market requirements.

Sharing the Business

We share our business with our customers, as we highly believe that satisfied customers lead to a larger market share. We assist you to grow your business with high-quality products and lower costs.

Our Team

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Amir Asgari
CEO & Founder
Hossein Asgari
Member of the board

Our Targets

What is Green Commodity
based on?

Business success tomorrow means creating value for the environment, society, and business. That is why we have set ourselves ambitious global targets along our entire value chain and the three dimensions of sustainability.
The main targets are to build a long-lasting safe food ingredients supply for finished food product manufacturers all around the world.
We report transparently on our target achievement so that our customers, employees, and other stakeholders can track our progress.
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