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The Yeast is a living unicellular microorganism that can initiate growth on any sort of sugar-containing nutrient. Recognized and trusted by commercial bakers worldwide for their consistently superior quality and performance, our yeasts offer bakers a diverse range of products uniquely formulated for a variety of baking applications and processes. As the essential ingredient in many bakery products, yeast impacts the baking process at every step and the end product. Our yeasts are derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure optimum consistency, stability, and activity in baking processes.

Bakery Usages

Bakery Yeasts are the most important additive in the baking industry serving as a leavening agent (causing the bread dough to swell) which makes the bread rise (expand in volume and become lighter and softer). They are also the reason for the lickerish scent and taste of bread. Other advantages are shelf life-enhancing and baking time reduction. Although the amount of the yeast being used is not considerable, its influence on the quality is. Instant Yeasts are applied in various types of bread.

Industrial Usages

Fermentation has a larger share owing to its use in the food and beverage industry for bread, beer, and wine. These are used in pharmaceuticals for the manufacturing of medicines like insulin and hepatitis B vaccine. The end-users for the instant dry yeast market include the bakery and brewery. Increasing the production of wine will support industry growth as they are widely used in brewery production.

Instant Yeast Packing Solutions

• 10kg and 20kg in 2-layer PE food grade bags for bakeries and industrial use. If kept in dry and cool circumstances, it has up to 1-year shelf life.

• 0.5kg, 1kg, and 5kg in 4 layers food-grade vacuum pack (Al+PE+Polyester+Polyester) for both home and bakery use. It has up to 18 months of shelf life.

• 10g, 50g, and 100g in food-grade Sachet packs for home use, which has been prevailing recently.

Export Terms

Since we manage exports to various destinations worldwide, we offer all terms of export to our customers based on their desire mostly including FCA, CFR, CIF, CIP, DDP.


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